Transition of Physical Gallery to Online, In this age of pandemic In March 2020 most of Europe & all across the globe people realised that they were  facing a big problem with the new virus, Coronavirus, and countries started to enforce lockdowns, closing all non essential activities and forbidding any gathering of persons. It was a surreal situation that slowly but surely expanded, to a bigger or lesser degree, across the whole world. And there we were, facing a global pandemic, such as had never been experienced by anyone alive yet. And everyone suffered with this situation, with no exception. And now, at the end of 2021, we seem to be facing the same problem again with governments considering travel bans and maybe more lockdowns because of new variants. So we thought about the watercolour artist, who up to that moment made his/her living through  exhibitions in galleries, art fairs, art competitions, giving classes and workshops. All of this was cancelled from one day to the ot


In this forum we will be talking about Galleries and how they can help artists gain visibility, recognition and make a living from their art. We will discuss several aspects of how galleries operate and how they interact with their artists. In this open conversation, we will will share what we have learned through our own research and experience.  We will also be speaking to galleries, in order to better understand their purpose and operating model(s). Rahul Chakraborty, Member of FabrianoInAcquarello , Italy and Co-founder of Jumbish Creations Pvt. Ltd. and Krystyna Szczepanowski, Country leader for Switzerland at Fabriano InAcquarello will be the moderators for this forum and they would love to hear about your own experiences in the comments below. If you are an artist wondering how to navigate the complexities of Gallerie's role, this forum is for you - to join the conversation!